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Coltishall Medical Practice
Coltishall and Spixworth surgeries


 Coltishall: 01603 737593    Spixworth: 01603 898583


     Email: coltishallmedicalpractice@nhs.net


Private Services


We provide some medical and administrative services that are not provided for by the National Health Service. In particular we provide HGV medicals to people who are not necessarily our patients.We also perform driving medicals, insurance medicals and sports medicals. Below is a schedule of private fees payable for these services as recommended by the British Medical Association. If you cannot see a service that you are interested in please do not hesitate to contact us.  Additionally a document outlining current fees can also be accessed by clicking here.


Fitness to travel £31.80 *
Holiday Cancellation (including completion of form) £32.00 *
Private Prescription  - Private Patient or Preventative Drugs required for abroad (Private or NHS)  £20.00 *
Private Sick Certificate (Less than 7 days) £20.00 *
To whom it may concern (patient to collect)  £32.00 *
Coroners Report £89.00 *
Court Exemption (with exam) £175.00 *
Court of Protection CP3 with examination £175.00 *
Court of Protection CP3 without examination £83.00 *
Criminal Injury Compensation (pro-forma) £50.00 *
Employers Report & Opinion with examination £145.83  
Employers Report & Opinion (NHS Employee-no exam) £44.50  
Employers Report OR Opinion (no examination) £66.25  
Extract from Records  £80.00 *
Fostering Agency AH1  form completion £95.50 *
Fostering Agency AH2 form completion (update) £33.50 *
Housing Report £35.00 *
Insurance Report & Opinion for Compensation  £229.00 *
Insurance additional information £26.50 *
OFSTED report - Childminder (paid by patient) £111.50 *
Power of Attorney - Examination & Report £175.00 *
Power of Attorney - Certify Patient Mental Capacity £83.00 *
Travel Insurance Claim form (pro-forma) £66.25  
MEDICALS - examination, report & opinion    
Diabetic Drivers Insurance form, Elderly Driver Fitness, Fitness to Travel, HGV/PSV/Taxi Drivers, Racing Driver, Pilot, Sports Fitness £175.00 *
Pre-employment Medical & Report £229.00 *
Pre-employment Medical & Report (NHS Employee) £53.00 *
Sectioning Examination by Doctor £186.00  
Consultation  £53.00  
Home Visit £106.00  
Treatment Room Services 15 minutes (Blood Test, Injection, Clip Removal) £10.60  
Treatment Room Services 30 minutes (Dressings) £21.20  
*Items marked with an Asterisk are inclusive of VAT @ 20%