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Coltishall Medical Practice
Coltishall and Spixworth surgeries


 Coltishall: 01603 737593    Spixworth: 01603 898583


     Email: coltishallmedicalpractice@nhs.net


CPR Training ( posted on Jun 4, 2019 )

CPR Training Classes: Do you know how to perform CPR? The first few minutes are vital to saving a life whilst waiting for the arrival of a First Responder. Would you like to learn? Dr Russell from the Coltishall Medical Practice is offering CPR training to members of the local community, taking place at the Coltishall surgery. Classes will be on a Thursday evening commencing at 7pm and will last between one and one and a half hours. You must be over the age of 16yrs and will need to call reception at Coltishall to get your name on the attendance list. There is no charge for attending these sessions, but we ask that a donation be made to the “Friends of Coltishall & Spixworth Surgeries”.

PATIENT NEWSLETTER ( posted on Feb 20, 2019 )

Please see the latest newsletter by clicking here.

SUMMARY CARE RECORD (SCR) ( posted on Jan 8, 2018 )

Unless you have specifically opted out, you are one of the 55,000,000 people in the United Kingdom who has an NHS Summary Care Record (SCR). This is a nationally accessible medical record containing information on your current medications (anything prescribed in the last 6 months), any adverse reactions you've had to medications, plus any allergies that you suffer from.


It is now possible to enrich the data stored on the SCR with things like diagnoses, procedures, care preferences and immunisations.  This is so that relevant information about you is available to individuals treating you in hospital or in the out-of-hours service, as well as to paramedics should you be unfortunate enough to have to make use of the ambulance service. 


This Enriched Summary Care Record will not contain any sensitive information unless you specifically request for it to be included and is only available to Individuals with the necessary permission codes on their NHS Smart Cards who are directly involved in your care. These individuals also need to obtain your permission to access it. All access of Summary Care Records is audited so if you are concerned about who may have looked at your information, you can request a report from the privacy officer at your GP Surgery on what use has been made of it.


Having an Enriched Summary Care Record will lead to you receiving safer, more effective care and will contribute to you having a more positive experience when undergoing treatment. If you would like to take advantage of this service, please ask the receptionists or GP  at the surgery or click here to print form to complete and hand in at the reception desk.


Further information is available here.




TEXT MESSAGING ( posted on Oct 26, 2017 )

We have made some improvements to the way we send appointment text reminders. If we have your mobile telephone number, you will receive a text confirming your appointment 1 week before your appointment time.  You will also receive a reminder text 1 day before your appointment time. 


If you are unable to make this appointment you can reply with the word CANCEL - you will need to contact us or book online if you wish to re-arrange the time of your appointment. If you have a smart phone you can download a free app to make this easier. More information about the app can be found here


We are also able to send other information to you by text such as reminders about your flu jab, to book a blood test and so on. We hope that you will find this helpful.


If you are not happy to receive text messages from the Practice please let reception staff know.


Without knowing it, by the time we reach our 40s and 50s many of us will have dramatically increased our chances of becoming ill later in life. Whether we are eating the wrong things, drinking more than we should, continuing to smoke despite everything we know, or just not being active enough, all of these small things can add up to an unhealthy you.


One You is here to help you get back to a healthier you, supporting you to make simple changes towards a longer and happier life. One You provides tools, support and encouragement every step of the way, to help improve your health right away. You are not alone – One You can help you make small changes yourself, or with friends and family.

Take our free One You health quiz to see how you score and start the fight back to a healthier you.

Read more here

CLOSING TIMES FOR STAFF TRAINING ( posted on Sep 20, 2016 )

The surgeries will be closed 1pm to 2.30pm on either the first Tuesday or first Thursday of each month. This is a change from the first Tuesday of every month. A full list of dates can be found by clicking on the Opening Hours tab.


In line with our contractual requirements all of our patients have been allocated a named and accountable GP. Some common Questions and Answers and given under the "Named GP" page.

NHS Health Check Campaign ( posted on Jan 12, 2015 )

Find out if you are eligible for a free NHS Health Check by ringing the surgery. We offer health checks for 40 - 74 year olds which can help people make changes to improve their health. Please ring the surgery for an appointment. Click here for more information.

HEALTH RISK SCREENING ( posted on Nov 16, 2014 )

This practice will be screening the electronic health records of patients 18 years and over already diagnosed with a range of long term conditions. This information will enable us to determine if you are at risk of an unplanned hopsital admission in the next 12 months and will enable us to support you to manage your condition effectively. For more information on how we use this information and your rights please click here.

Norfolk Deaf Association ( posted on Apr 25, 2013 )

Please click the link below to access the suppport offered from this charity http://www.norfolkdeaf.org.uk

In addition the surgery runs bimonthly hearing aid clinics at Coltishall surgery. Please ring for details.

Whooping Cough Vaccination for Pregnant Women ( posted on Apr 25, 2013 )

Please click here for NHS Choices information