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Coltishall Medical Practice
Coltishall and Spixworth surgeries


 Coltishall: 01603 737593    Spixworth: 01603 898583


     Email: coltishallmedicalpractice@nhs.net





Accountable Named GP for all Patients at Coltishall & Spixworth Surgeries


In line with our contractual requirements, all of our patients have been allocated a named and accountable GP.


Questions and Answers:


What Does Accountable Mean?

Your named accountable GP will oversee the co-ordination of your care amongst the other health professionals.


Does this mean that my named accountable GP will take 24hr responsibility for my care?

No, the named accountable GP will not take on 24hr responsibility for your care.  Your named GP will purely oversee the care that you receive.


Does this mean that I have the right to see my named GP every time I book an appointment?

No, a patient can express a preference for who they would like to see.  However, this may not always be possible due to appointment availability with that GP.


Can patients still see any GP they wish?

Yes, a patient can continue to see any GP they wish as they currently do.


Will I be informed in writing who my accountable named GP is?

No, your practice does not have to inform you in writing. If you received prescribed medication between June 2015 and March 2016, you will have been informed of your accoutable named GP on your prescription form or by the doctor or nurse you saw.

If you do not know who your named GP is and would like to know then please contact the practice to ask.  (Please telephone after 11am to avoid busy periods.)